Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shelley and Randy's Wedding

On Friday night, it was off to Shelley and Randy's wedding. Randy is Brant's Lieutenant at the fire station. They had a beautiful ceremony on their land and then it was back to Austin for the reception.

I realize now that when all the guys from the station are out at the same place, things can get very interesting. Dave was really enjoying the dinner, and notice Brant didn't even have to eat and he was already dozing off.

Jeff and Jacqueline recently got engaged, so hopefully their wedding will be the next that we attend.

We also hope that Dave will HURRY UP and propose to Bailey. We really like her a lot!

And then there's us. How is it that ever other boyfriend takes nice pictures with their girlfriends, but the married couple can't seem to take one nice picture? Oh well, that's Brant for you. Even after the wedding the night still wasn't over. It was Bailey's birthday and we decided to go celebrate at Midnight Rodeo.

It was a really fun, but long night! It was nice to spend time with everyone away from the fire station too.

Snow Day!

This past Friday, as everyone knows, was a snow day for most businesses and schools. It was really awesome to wake up and actually see snow sticking to the ground. I was so excited I woke Brant up at 6:45 a.m. to go outside. He was not so excited about the snow, but went outside anyway.

Although we only got about an inch of snow, I still wanted to make snowballs. After realizing though that I didn't have any gloves on (because I was to excited to go outside) that was the end of playing in the snow.

After being outside, it was time to return to work. Yes, although everyone else got the day off, I was still able to work from home. One of the benefits, although not today, of being able to work from anywhere.