Sunday, August 22, 2010


CAUTION: If you do not like to see blood and/or stitches please do not read this blog. (It's not too bad)

Yup that's right once again Brant has hurt himself. This time it's only a minor injury. There were no broken bones or surgeries, just a long wait in the emergency room. The incident happened last Thursday night. Brant was eagerly packing for his upcoming hunting trip to Colorado when he just happened  to step on an arrow and cut the heal of  his foot. He woke me up at about 11 and we went straight to the hospital. After four hours of waiting, four stitches, and a new shoe we were able to go home! Hopefully he will be good and take care of his foot so he can still go to Colorado.

Thankfully we did absolutely nothing this weekend and I got some much needed sleep!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Too Busy to Blog?

So it seems that for the last two weeks I have had absolutely no time to post any blogs. This blog will sort of be my catch up blog, and I think you'll see why I have been too busy to blog. Lets start two weeks ago when T and I went to a mutual friends wedding in Georgetown. It was a beautiful wedding, and I'm so happy for her!

The next weekend after the wedding, Brant and I went to Lake Austin with some of our friends. We mostly surfed and hung out in the coves.

After a weekend at the lake, Brant and I decided to bring the camper out and camp for a week and a half. Jason and Kaysi joined us one evening, and we went out to eat at Ski Shores on the lake.

The following day, Brant had some friends from the station came out to the lake. Keith and Mike also brought their own boats. To bad we didn't get to boat much because the lake was really foggy. We have never seen it like this before.

After camping at the lake for a few days, I went out on Friday and celebrated T's birthday. Several of our friends and I took her to dinner at Chili's and then we went downtown.

On Saturday, it was off to Dallas to go to the Rangers / Red Sox game. Of course we were all exhausted from the night before, but somehow I was the one who was chosen to drive.

Once we FINALLY got there, we stopped for some lunch at Joe's Crab Shack, and again celebrated T's birthday. She had to run around the restaurant with her bib on!

Then it was time for the game!

After the game we went out to celebrate Scott's birthday too.

On Monday, Brant and I were back at the lake. Jason, Kaysi and Keith all stayed the night with us. Keith brought the jet boat out again, but the weather was not really cooperating with us. So I didn't take very many pictures.

So now it's Tuesday, our last night, and it's just Brant and I camping tonight. I think I need a vacation from our vacation! I'm ready to be home.